Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mammoths Resurrected

I've been addicted ITV's new Nigel Marven series Prehistoric Park (and I'm halfway through the BBC's Walking With Beasts too) so this is rather interesting news.

BODIES of extinct Ice Age mammals, such as woolly mammoths, that have been frozen in permafrost for thousands of years may contain viable sperm that could be used to bring them back from the dead, scientists said yesterday.

It won't exactly be a mammoth (not until we develop some functional cloning technology) as the sperm is to be used to impregnate the mammoth's close cousin the Asian elephant.

With access to the mammoth’s genetic code, and with frozen sperm recovered from testes, it may be possible to resurrect an animal that is very similar to a mammoth.

Half-mammoth, half-elephant is good enough for me. I wonder if it will be a blonde or brunette?

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