Thursday, August 03, 2006


Right before our very eyes Hezbollah are, apparently, metamorphosising from a terrorist organisation to...well, no news what exactly they are yet. I'm sure it'll only be a short time before the MSM starts calling them freedom fighters or some such nonsense. I wonder how long before other terrorist groups are elevated to the same level as nation-states?

The United Nations’ #2 man, Mark Malloch Brown, says it is “not helpful” to call Hizballah a terrorist organization.

The [Australian] government is on a collision course with its Muslim advisory group over its claim that Hizbollah should not be considered a terrorist organisation.

In a rebuff to Washington, the European Union will not add the Islamist Hezbollah movement to its list of terrorist organizations, the EU president says.

I guess Al Qaeda will soon be along to start firing rockets at random into Israel in order to have their terrorist status rescinded too.

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Pim's Ghost said...

I always find this refusal to call Hizballah a terrorist organization , especially criticism aimed at the US for continuing to call it so, cynically amusing. After all, they DID use a truck bomb to kill our own soldiers. What else should we call them? "The Hizballah Guerrila Fighters" like America's NPR (National Public Radio)? The ideology is there, the bombings are there, the appeasement is there too. Cute, eh?