Saturday, August 12, 2006


Michelle Malkin has it right- the terrorists have won.

By making no immediate demands for the release of the two kidnapped IDF soldiers before any cessatrion of Israeli military activity and a preposterous "long term" call for the disarmament of Hezbollah (just look at how that's working out for the IRA), the UN has handed the terrorists a huge victory.

This is akin to a call by the UN for a stop to the aggression against the Taliban and Al Qaeda after 9/11- doesn't matter that New York was attacked first, they've got to prevent any unecessary suffering of the civilian population, regardless of the consequences to other civilian populations further down the line.

This has set a terrible precendent- one that can only serve to embolden terrorists all over the world to attack their enemies, knowing that if there is any kind of retaliation they can rely on the UN to try its hardest to defend them from harm. And in the process they'll probably lose their terrorist status as the cowards at the UN upgrade them to de facto states.

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