Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ayers, Nebraska And Other Associations

William Ayers is such a toxic, unsavoury character that he's been dis-invited from speaking at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

And two prominent local politicians, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, are in agreement on the decision to invite him in the first place-

Gov. Dave Heineman released a statement saying that UNL leaders should not allow Ayers, a 1960s radical-turned-professor at the University of Illinois, to talk during a campus event on Nov. 15.

“Chairman of the Board of Regents Chuck Hassebrook and President of the University J.B. Milliken should immediately rescind the invitation extended to Bill Ayers to speak at the University,” the governor said. “This is an embarrassment to the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska. Bill Ayers is a well known radical who should never have been invited to the University of Nebraska.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, today said in a statement that he is disappointed that UNL invited William Ayers to speak on campus Nov. 15.

His past involvement in a violent protest group and incendiary comments are not consistent with the agenda of unity that we need in America today,” Nelson said. “I encourage the university to reconsider this decision.”

Ayers might be "mainstream" in Chicago but to the rest of America he's an unrepentant domestic terrorist. Let's face it, if ordinary, decent people don't want Ayers to speak at a university why should they want a President who had close ties with him?

Nelson's comments are also pertinent to the Obama campaign. This was a man who won the Democrat Primaries running on a ticket of post-partisan healing and unity. He has a long history of associating with radicals- his childhood mentor was a communist and self-confessed child rapist, his pastor spewed 20 years of racist, hate-filled bile at Obama and his family, on his trip to Kenya he campaigned for a radical who would have initiated Sharia law and banned Christian preaching, he has a long working relationship with Ayers who hosted the party that launched his political career, he used to regularly dine with Palestinian-terror advocate Rashid Khalidi, his other spiritual mentor, Michael Pfleger is a radical minister who called for the owner of a gun shop to be "snuffed out", and one of his long-term campaign donors is the corrupt Tony Rezko.

Has there ever been a candidate for president who has such a long history of such radical associations?

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