Saturday, October 11, 2008

Check In

My internet connection is playing up something shocking at the moment so here's a quick fire post to keep the place ticking over.

First up a pertinent comment on the Obama-Ayers connection-

To repent, you have to confess your wrongdoing. To be unrepentant, you have to acknowledge your actions and still maintain that you did the right thing. But to avoid prosecution, you have to duck the question altogether. That's what Ayers is doing. In a sense, he's still on the lam. Which might make Obama's situation even worse.

And then there's this which will no doubt be of little interest to the mainstream media-

The Obama campaign is trying to minimize the damage from a meeting attended by their “Muslim outreach director,” at which several notorious Hamas and Hezbollah supporters were present.

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign seems to have gone off the tracks.

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