Friday, October 31, 2008

The Obama Money Myth

A great catch from Patterico at Hot Air- one that deserves spreading.

Remember Obama's oft-repeated lie line that his campaign contributions come from "the people"? Well, not so much-

George W. Bush in 2004 had a higher percentage of contributions of $200 or less than Barack Obama has had in this campaign.


Lost in the attention given to Obama’s Internet surge is that only a quarter of the $600 million he has raised has come from donors who made contributions of $200 or less, according to a review of his FEC reports. That is actually slightly less, as a percentage, than President Bush raised in small donations during his 2004 race

So, bigger donors own a bigger piece of Obama than previously thought. But hey, that doesn't worry you when it comes to a Chicago machine politician, does it? I mean, it's not like this guy's a blank page with no legislative history suddenly thrust into the most powerful position on Earth. Right? And anyway, it's not like he's a glutton for public funds funnelled towards political backers and friends. Oh, well, let's move swiftly on...

While Obama says he does not accept contributions from Washington lobbyists, that’s not much of a distinction these days. He has been accepting huge amounts from corporations, unions and endless special-interest groups. The influence of big-money donors in a possible Obama administration could create a political backlash if he doesn’t find a way to resist the enormous pressure that will be brought to bear.

And the conclusion?

MacDonald’s article explores the question whether Obama is going to be the first guy in history to take scads of money from people and not let it affect the way he governs.

Now there is a proposition that I’m willing to put big money on.


tennesseetorry said...


My name is Torry Martin and I live in Tennessee. I’m a huge fan of yours, so much so that I’ve been enjoying your blog pretty regularly and have even been posting links to it occasionally on Facebook. I’ve very much enjoyed reading your fiction articles on your other blog from 2005 as well.
You are a VERY gifted writer.
Keep up the good work and please know that I appreciate the thought and research you put into your posts. (I get a lot of news from you and can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it!)

Your Fan,

Torry Martin
(Here is an article that will hopefully serve as a better introduction. I only write comedy but, man, I wish I was as smart as you or as talented a writer.)

Jay.Mac said...

Hi Torry,

I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words- not something I was expecting at all. I was hoping there was someone out there who liked the blog. Thanks too for the links too- I've noticed some incoming hits from Facebook lately- I appreciate you spreading the word.

I must say that I'm more than a little astonished to find someone other than my wife who says they like my fiction writing. I'm glad you enjoyed it- I'm hoping to post some more over there in the next few weeks if time permits.

BTW, I checked out you Christianity Today link- living in Alaska like that, and to have a life-changing moment too, must have been an awesome experience.

Thanks again for the compliments- it's gratifying to know that the blog is serving a useful purpose. Hope to "see" you in the comments again!

All the best.