Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eye Candy

Not so long ago my taste in firearms, aesthetically speaking, included the likes of HK's G11, the FAMAS, the Steyr AUG and the much-maligned L85. They spoke to me of the future of arms design, one that hasn't really come to pass. Funny how designs going back to the '70s can seem to look to futuristic even today.

Times change though, and as the grey hairs become more prominent, I find myself growing in appreciation for the classics. The sleek lines of the Garand, the utilitarian appeal of the SMLE and the simple elegance that is the Sharps. Function most certainly has its place, but good grief, surely there's room for a little form too? The SCAR might be the bees knees when it comes to putting holes in terrorists but it sure is ugly. I admire the likes of the F2000 for example but, given the choice, I'd probably opt for a Mosin-Nagant instead.

Which brings me to this- among traditional designs the Colt Peacemaker has been one whose allure I've been immune to for some time. Something about it just didn't click with me. Well, and I can't rule out the effect of a greying beard on this, I've seen the light. Just the other day I was watching a neat zombie film called Dance of the Dead (fun, gory, recommended to all horror fans) when one of the characters brandished a Colt- and suddenly I got it. I can see now the mistake I've made in not appreciating it.

How on earth did I not see the beauty in the likes of this tremendous Nettleton from US Firearms? You really should check out their website for more marvellous work.

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