Sunday, October 26, 2008

Iranian Threat

There is a reason that so many people around the world pay so much attention to the US election- because as the last remaining superpower, the policies of the United States can affect everyone. The US economy affects the world's economy, and US foreign policy obviously has an impact on the rest of us.

Fearing a US strike on Iran during President George W. Bush's last months in office, a senior Iranian official has suggested the Islamic regime should target London to deter such an attack.

In an article on the Iranian Web site Aftab last week - translated by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute - the head of the Europe and US Department in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Wahid Karimi, said that an attack on London would deter the US from attacking Teheran.

Given the remarkable focus on the economy- and the startling misinformation surrounding which party and which candidates are actually culpable for it- it bears repeating that the world is a dangerous place.

Admitting that previous Iranian warnings to paralyze "the Jerusalem-occupying regime" to deter "American adventurism" has not worked, Karimi said that "the most appropriate means of deterrence" for Iran would be to attack London.

With a rogue nation on the verge of obtaining a nuclear device and threatening to attack London and to wipe Israel off the map, the choice made by US voters this November could affect us all.

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Vinnie said...

"because as the last remaining superpower," Ummm....Looked at China lately??