Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama And Weather Underground

I wrote not so long ago about the connections between Barack Obama, his anti-apartheid activism while at Columbia and the startling coincidence that Ayers was studying close by- while the last of the Weather Underground were also involved in anti-apartheid protesting.

Zombie has more details-

What I do know is that Obama had the same political interests as the final remnants of the Weather Underground at the exact same time in the exact same place. That as an adult he was living in the same city where and when they conducted their second-to-last terror attack, which was a protest against the Apartheid polices of South Africa -- the very topic to which Obama has said he was devoted at that time. So because of all this, Obama must have known about the Weather Underground and their tactics while he was still in college. So when he met Weather Underground founder William Ayers 13 years later, Obama certainly had to have known exactly who Ayers was and what he had done.

The point is also made that while Obama claims to have only been 8 years old when the WU started, he was 20 years old when they conducted one of their last act of terrorism. That sure does change the story and it reveals again his dissembling tactics when confronted with controversy and scandal.

The ties between Obama and Ayers/Weather Underground begin when he got involved in protesting S. Africa and gave his first political speech- a speech he delivered to the SDS, forerunner of the Weather Underground itself.

Zombie goes into great detail about Obama's time at Columbia, noting the discrepancies between Obama's scant details of that period with actual evidence. While he claims, for instance, to have constantly moved from place to place, Zombie has discovered that phone books from the time list him as being static from '82-'85.

There's much more information there and I strongly recommend reading it all. The reason Obama isn't talking about Columbia- and when he does he contradicts himself and the other available evidence- could be that he was involved in more radical behaviour than he wants the American electorate to know about.

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