Sunday, October 19, 2008

Must Watch Video

I've just watched a video over at Ace of Spades and I've got to advise everyone to watch it too. It's apparent that the upcoming Presidential election has been heavily influenced- and could even be decided- by former members of the sixties radical group, the SDS. William Ayers fostered Barack Obama's career, propelling him from nothing to serving on two major organisations and then introducing him to Chicago's Hyde Park set to launch his career. Meanwhile, SDS-member Wade Rathke's ACORN is engaged in widespread voter fraud (now under FBI investigation) aimed at tipping tightly contested battleground states over towards Obama. In a neck and neck race, those thousands of fraudulent votes could be all it takes to propell Obama into the White House.

If ever the Republicans needed their base to get out and vote, it's this election. And if they have any sense, in the next four years they'll do their utmost to pass a law requiring registration prior to election time and proof of identity on the day. It would be interesting to see how many votes certain members of Congress and Presidential candidates get if only those legally allowed to vote do so just one time.

If every vote matters, members of both parties should be clamping down on voter fraud which makes a mockery of that notion.

Democrats like to complain about voter ID disenfranchising voters but when it comes to actual, concrete voter fraud...well, have you heard Obama denounce ACORN? Remember, this is the guy who had his opponents removed from the ballot in Chicago- disenfranchising the voters who were opposed to him wasn't a concern then. And with $800,000 to ACORN, he doesn't seem particularly concerned about it now either.

I would highly recommend watching this video and then in passing it along to everyone you know, whether they are Obama supporters or undecided or just plain Republicans. This is the man who might be the next President of the United States of America?

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