Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Struggle Session

This didn't fit in the last piece about Larry Grathwohl and his insight into William Ayers' Weather Underground, but I found it so disturbing that I wanted to post it-

Planning a bombing required a "political struggle" session, usually at night, in which members debated tactics. Often the sessions evolved into heated and bitter "criticism-self-criticism" marathons, a Maoist technique to solidify political beliefs and reaffirm revolutionary commitments. Grathwohl was once badgered by other cell members for 16 straight hours for not showing enough interest in becoming a leader of the cell. Another time, cell members pressured a young mother to give away her four-year-old daughter because they thought that she interfered with her work. Was the woman into maternity or was she into revolution? Recalls Grathwohl: "She was weeping, the child was crying. But the next day she gave her up."

I find this just incredible. What kind of people were they? And to discuss it in front of the child- to demand that of a mother- and then for her to give in to that demand?

It makes no sense to me.

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