Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gun Ban Obama

The NRA has an effective new ad out targeting Obama's anti-gun/anti-self-defence stance called "Imagine".

Hot Air has the background-

If Obama really believed that the DC gun ban “went too far”, as he said last week, then why did he vote against SB2165, which didn’t even go as far as Heller in its scope? Protecting a citizen who successfully defended his home against a criminal who could have done great harm to his family seems like a reasonable, moderate position to take — especially for someone who now professes opposition to outright gun bans such as the one in Wilmette. Instead, Obama voted to allow victims like DeMar to get victimized a second time by a criminal-justice system more interested in disarming law-abiding citizens than in prosecuting the real perpetrators of crime in the community.

Barack Obama’s record looks clear on guns. He not only supported gun bans, but he supported prosecuting acts of self-defense.

Despite his rhetoric- and as we've seen before he thinks nothing of telling a group of voters one thing while privately reassuring others that it's all lies- the evidence shows that Obama is no friend of the Second Amendment or of the right to defend yourself against criminals who actually break into your home.


gcotton78 said...

Where's the evidence? You need to post your references such as dates, places, speeches, quotes- those sorts of things. Without it you're just speaking a bunch of propagandist speculation, and that is dangerous. Just a suggestion.

Jay.Mac said...

The evidence is Barack Obama's vote against SB2165- I linked to Hot Air which has further links in its post.

More evidence can be found at the link in this post too-

So, there's no actual speculation here, just the facts on Obama's past actions on gun rights as opposed to his current campaign rhetoric. For example-

Perhaps you need to actually look into his real stance on gun control rather than the myth he's peddling on the trail.

Just a suggestion.

gcotton78 said...

thank you for the info. I wasn't trying to be combative. It's something that I want to know more about.

Jay.Mac said...

My apologies if I came across too aggressive.

Thanks for stopping by- and glad I could be of help.