Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Windows

So Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows to replace Vista. I've got that operating system installed on my laptop and I have grown quite used to it. I particularly like the ease of browsing through My Documents and other folders. However, after a hard drive crash I bought a replacement desktop machine- and put XP onto it. Apart from not being quite so easy to flick from folder to folder, it's a much more stable system. Vista gives me more hiccups than XP. Not only is it a system hog but it thrashes hard drives pretty hard too

Hardly an improvement. Wouldn't it make more sense to develop a lean, rock-steady OS, that takes full advantage of the processing power available these days? You know, an OS that you can rely on to keep on ticking while allowing your fast processor, gigs of RAM and super-powered graphics cards to be put to use running applications rather than the background system.

Now that another OS is on the way it seems that Vista might be another Windows Me.

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dondad said...

try linux ;-)