Sunday, October 12, 2008

Broadband Issues

My broadband woe continues. Seems as if the problem is coming from my ISP, Supanet. I did a web-search for them and "broadband problems" and found a whole slew of complaints about the service- particularly since they changed their unlimited service (the reason people joined it in the first place) to a capped one. Nice of them to do that. For the past three days without warning my speeds will drop so badly that I'd actually be better off using a 56k modem. It would improve matters dramatically.

As always, the service status page at Supanet displays no problems.

It's a shame because they used to be a good provider (apart from the tech support which treats each and every call as if it's being made by a moron who wouldn't know how to switch a PC on without a manual).

I guess I'm going to have to go through the whole annoying experience of changing email address yet again.

Anyone in the UK who can recommend a reliable, unlimited (none of this "don't use your broadband in the evening" nonsense) broadband provider please do let me know. Right now, Be are looking pretty good.

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