Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Destroying Iraq

A stark reminder that Barack Obama is not yet ready to be commander-in-chief. And, given the current focus on the economy, one that surely needs to be made.

Despite the success of the Surge in Iraq, despite the many improvements in the local political scene, despite the vast reduction in violence, and despite the stupendous casualties inflicted on mass-murdering terrorist scum- despite all of that, it seems that Obama intends to withdraw from Iraq ASAP.

Micheal Schiffer, adviser to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, said that the first step to be taken in case Obama wins elections is to withdraw troops from Iraq.

I guess he means the first step after Obama passes the Freedom of Choice Act.

“As president, Obama will lead the United States and its allies to victory against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan - the real central front in the war on terrorism. He will start by directing the Joint Chiefs to plan for and execute a responsible redeployment of American combat forces from Iraq,” he said.

In short, he's going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and leave Iraq to the wolves. With Iran's interference and the presence of Al Qaeda, not to mention numerous other Islamic terrorists, in Iraq, a retreat now with destroy the gains made so far. And note too that by assuming that Afghanistan is the "central front" Obama- like many others- is labouring under the misconception that defeating the Taliban or capturing Bin Laden will somehow end the war. Nothing done in Afghanistan will change the ideology behind Islamic terrorism- an ideology present around the globe.

With an Obama surrender, the fledgling Iraqi military and government will be left to cope with the very worst elements- with US troops out of the country and with no sign of their return, the terrorists and their ilk, no doubt bolstered by Iran, will be able to bring down the newly democratic society. We will see a return of the worst atrocities as terrorists undermine the government and impose their totalitarian will on the populace at large.

I don't think it's going too far to say that there will be a genocide in Iraq following a premature withdrawal- particularly one which makes clear US forces will not return. How many of those working to rebuild Iraq, with their own government and with US forces, will be slaughtered in retribution by terrorists?

Care to bet how long it takes for terrorists to flee Afghanistan for the new safe-haven of Iraq once Obama switches forces from there?

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