Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bad Ideas Keep Coming

This comes from the judge who is in charge of sentencing guidelines in the UK-

KILLERS should be let out of jail early to ease the prisons crisis, says Britain’s top judge.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips warned that jails would be stuffed with “geriatric” inmates if no action was taken.

He suggested the country would look back in shame in 100 years time at the length of sentences for killers and rapists — and claimed it was “barbaric” to cage them for so long.

A prime example of everything that's wrong with the justice system today- he'd rather murderers and rapists were set free into society again to be "civilised" to them; it appears he hasn't the slightest notion of why that's a terrible idea, but then again it seems to be par for the course these days in the UK- the so-called rights of criminals trump those of their victims.


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