Friday, March 09, 2007

Cemetery Man

Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man is a really oddball, quirky zombie movie. Not at all like any of the more well known Romero films, it is nevertheless something of a classic in zombie-fan circles. A tad "arty" it makes up for the somewhat slow pace and pretensions with a good deal of zombie slaying action and the stunning presence of Anna Falchi. There's something mesmerising about the whole surreal experience.

One of the questions I've seen circling around the internet about the movie is "what kind of gun/revolver does Dellamorte use?" Some claim that it's a Webley but, without having gone back and watched the film again, I think I can state with some confidence that it is in fact a Nagant 1895. It has a fairly distinctive outline. The confusion appears, I believe, because we see Dellamorte cutting marks into the tips of lead-nosed bullets in the course of the film, creating a crude dum dum bullet. As you are probably well aware the Nagant's bullet is enclosed within the case- when the hammer goes back in the course of firing, the cylinder tips forward and the case is pressed forward into the breech creating a gas-seal. Dellamorte is clearly using ammo for a different weapon. Artistic licence I suppose. Anyway, this is about the best image I could find on short notice-

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Innomen said...

Newp, it's a Bodeo, but you were darn close!