Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hussein and Terror

This is one of the most stupid and insulting things that I think I've ever heard anyone say.

Donald Trump states, "Saddam Hussein, whether they liked him or didn't like him, he hated terrorists. He'd shoot and kill terrorists."

Gee, Don, didn't you know that al-Zarqawi fled to Iraq for medical attention when Saddam was in power. Strangely enough, Saddam Hussein didn't have him shot. Or what about Abu Nidal? You know, the guy called the world's most dangerous terrorist in pre-9/11 days- the one who was working out of an Iraqi government office when Christopher Hitchens interviewed him. Nor did Saddam Hussein have any problems with Palestinian suicide bombers- in fact, rather than have then shot, he actually paid their families $25,000. One of the people funded by Hussein blew up a bus in Israel, killing a 14 year old American girl, Abigail Litle. Want to tell her that Hussein hated terrorists Trump?

Or how about Abu Abbas, mastermind of the Achille Lauro hijacking and subsequent murder of wheelchair-bound 69 year old American Leon Klinghoffer? Abbas was allowed to leave Italy because he had an Iraqi passport (though he was born in Israel) and he was sheltered by the Hussein regime.

Website Hussein and Terror has more - including 1993 WTC bomber Abdul Rahman Yasin. Six were killed and over a thousand injured by the bomb he helped make. Hiding in Hussein's Iraq, he received a government salary. So much for that hatred of terrorists, right?

I guess Trump hasn't learned not to talk about matters on which he has no knowledge whatsoever. It's simply shameful and an insult to the families of the many Americans (not to mention all the other nationalities) who were killed by terrorists with ties to Saddam Hussein's regime.

UPDATE - See too Regime of Terror "a comprehensive and analytical historical resource focusing on a number of issues relating to terrorism and Saddam Hussein’s regime". Much more information there on links between the Hussein regime and terrorism- well worth looking back through the archives too. A recent post quotes Democrat Senator Chris Carney, a former intelligence and terrorism advisor at the Pentagon-

Saddam had links to every terrorist group in the region. I still think there were links to Al Qaeda.”


Mark said... is a great resource on Saddam's terror links. Deroy really knows his stuff.

I've also put together a site on just this topic with four years of research. The site is if you are interested in looking at all the admissions of Saddam's guys about terror links and admissions of terrorists who received helped from Saddam. And also the two sides being caught terrorizing TOGETHER.

Take care,

Jay.Mac said...

Thanks for letting me now about your site Mark- there's some terrific information there. Great work.

crotalus said...

I guess he thinks that anything HE says, *ahem* "trumps" what anyone else says!

(Not enough rum yet. Arrr!)