Thursday, March 15, 2007

CAIR Dodges

Civil rights for me but not for thee seems to be CAIR's new motto.

The Council on American-Relations (CAIR) holds a press conference in Washington, D.C. CBN News, in good faith, sends a reporter and camera crew to record the event and ask CAIR's representatives the relevant questions. After all, CAIR bills itself as America's leading Muslim civil rights organization and a shining beacon of interfaith goodwill. So who better to ask about Islamic affairs here and abroad? And yet, like a vampire to garlic, time and again, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has ushered CBN News off the premises, recoiling at the mere mention of our name.

This was actually the third time in the past three years that CAIR has ejected CBN News from one of their events.

For the record, Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson was also escorted from today's event. Her crime? Calling into question the legitimacy of the six "peace-loving imams'" sob story.

As one of the commenters at Jihad Watch points out, the rest of the press should have packed up their gear and walked out in support of the Times and CBN. They didn't and CAIR is still feted by elements of the MSM.

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