Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Can Americans Reconcile? That's the question over at Huffington Post. It seems a reasonable topic to discuss given the Red-Blue divide but the author of the piece goes on to demonstrate why America is so divided without even realising it.

That division is the result of a cynical cabal's calculated exploitation of 9/11. They tried to exploit a tragedy for selfish ends, to create a generation of hegemonic Republican leadership.

You see? It's all the Republican's fault! No wonder the nation is divided. He goes on to make comparisons to the situation to apartheid-era South Africa, even mentioning the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-

I'm not advocating "show trials" for GOP leaders, overly compliant Democrats, or journalists who manipulate the facts to benefit one party and beat the drums of war. Nor am I naive enough to believe that people will freely confess wrongdoing. Many of them are too emotionally invested in proving they weren't wrong at all. The others believe that the political consequences of an honest admission will be too damaging to their careers.

Ironically, I think it would benefit most of them.

He's very generous- the country is split and so the side that disagrees with him has to repent and make amends. He seems completely oblivious to his own bias.

None of us has been perfect, and I've certainly said things I've regretted later. But I was an outsider acting out of frustration, not an insider manipulating democracy for my own ends. Still, I'd be a hypocrite if I expected others to do more than I'm willing to do.

Of course, but what he's saying is "it'll do them good to admit they were wrong and I was right all along". In fact, he doesn't seem to suggest that there's anything for him to apologise for- he was an outsider so that evidently excuses his actions.

So there you have it, the simple way for America to come together once again- Republicans and conservatives have to admit their mistakes and become liberals and Democrats.

And the comments are quite telling too:

-America has never done anything as evil as apartheid? You've gotta be kidding. I believe you're having a convenient memory lapse.

-I am ready to forgive, and even embrace, anyone who is willing to renounce their godforsaken Conservative beliefs and work hard AGAINST the political right from now on.

That's all it takes--Just coming clean, and giving up the juicy and tempting Evil that Conservatism has become for too many sadly susceptable people.

- america will never reconcile as long as you have orielly,hannity,malkin,LIMBAUGH,coulter

ruling the airwaves with no one challenging there hateful rheteric and lies.witch. means we are a generation away from reconsiliation.
if u disagree with these people the are very evil with their hate talk

-both elizabeth edwards and tony snow deserve the fullest life they can live knowing that they will die of cancer. on the other hand, elizabeth edwards uses it for good and tony snow for evil (if i may be so blunt).

-can america reconcile?

i don't think so. reconciliation involves recognizing when you have committed an atrocity. most of the administration thinks it is committing politics, not torture and violation of our constitutional rights. we do not have the prerequisites for a truth and reconciliation commission. the conservatives--or at least the people who have hijacked our country--would have to acknowledge their own wrongdoing and crimes and be sorry as a precondition for reconciliation.

-Make nice if you want, but until they're out of power and in jail, then karma, cancer, or simple American justice will do. Until then, let's not look for excuses to excuse them.

-Perhaps Tony Snow is, despite his recent activities, a good person. And perhaps the stress of having to tell ridiculously evil lies every day has something to do with his recurrence.

I hope his health improves, but I also hope he never returns to his post as Genial Liar for the Bushpigs.

And that's just on the first page. Pah.

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