Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Liberal

I've had my fill of leftist blogs for another year. How's this for a modern, caring, sharing, liberal?

Back in 2004, when Bush seemed to win the Presidential election for the first time, I made a vow. It was that in future years, if I happened to see an elderly homeless person holding out his hat, I would lean down and ask him who he voted for in 2004. If he said "Bush", I planned to step over him and walk on.

So much for tolerance, eh?


FrauBudgie said...

Heh! Just dropped by to see the cartoon babe of the day, update on kettle belling, and the latest on slick guns!!!

Liberals are DISGUSTING -- and over across the pond, y'all have your share. Maybe Ireland's a little different.

Bag said...

It doesn't say what he was going to do if he didn't say Bush. Kick him?