Thursday, March 22, 2007

Media Bias

I take it this loathsome creature- and most of the anti-American staff- will be sacked immediately.

Launched in February 2004, Al-Hurra broadcasts three separate feeds: to Europe, Arab nations and one for Iraq. The network is supposed to be a key component of our public diplomacy to the Arab world. Its mission statement calls for it to showcase the American political process, and just as important, report on things that get little attention on other Arabic networks, such as human-rights abuses and government corruption.

That was, until ex-CNN producer Larry Register took over.

Within weeks of becoming news director, Mr. Register put his own stamp on the network. Producers and on-air talent quickly understood that change was underway. Investigations into Arab government wrongdoing or oppression were no longer in vogue, and the ban on turning the airwaves over to terrorists was lifted. For those who had chafed under Mr. Register’s predecessor—who curbed the desire of many on staff to make Al-Hurra more like al-Jazeera—the new era was welcomed warmly.

Time to not only question Register's bias but his patriotism too-

In the past several months, Al-Hurra has aired live speeches from Mr. Nasrallah and Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, and it broadcast an interview with an alleged al Qaeda operative who expressed joy that 9/11 rubbed “America’s nose in the dust.”

Does it get any clearer than this?

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