Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creeping Sharia

First it was the role-playing of being a Muslim in California schools, then the decision to charge students at a US university with desecrating Allah's name- and now we have students at a school encouraged to wear the burqa-

The 15-year-old freshman volunteered with a few other students to wear traditional Muslim clothing to school for an entire day in February after a Middle Eastern Studies teacher at Bacon Academy announced that she was looking for students to promote her class by wearing the garb. Caitlin covered her slender frame and short brown hair with a periwinkle burqa, which concealed her face.

As LGF notes the lesson was not about the Islamic oppression of women but about "the “discrimination” of evil American high school kids, who are intolerant of this symbol of extremist intolerance."

You know I really used to believe that liberals did love freedom and tolerance and equal rights- but they seem to be the first to ditch their supposed ideals in favour of a completely intolerant, oppressive, misogynist culture.

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