Sunday, March 18, 2007

Credible But Not Honest

Wow. This one bears watching; Henry Waxman (Democrat of course) trying to put words into the mouth of a witness about the Valerie Plame affair. It's a matter that has virtually no interest but this is noteworthy because Waxman seems intent on not actually hearing anything Toensing has to say which will actually contradict his own preconceived notions.

Keep in mind that Victoria Toensing wrote the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, the law that was at the center of the Plame-Wilson fracas. Keep in mind that she knows what the law is for and whom it covers, since she wrote it. Keep also in mind that Toensing was called to Waxman’s kangaroo court as a witness. Witnesses generally answer questions asked of them in such settings. That’s why they’re there.

Waxman's refusal to let her speak seems to be an obvious tactic to prevent her from actually stating fact- that under the law as it stands, Plame was not a covert agent. That's information that he evidently can't process. So instead of letting her answer questions he blusters over the top of her, asking questions and then not letting her speak. Not only stupid but just so damnably rude.


crotalus said...

I will always think of Waxman as an honest politician, for HE is the one who spilled the beans about the real reason for gun control: "The fact that people might use these weapons to fight for their rights, makes me very nervousthat these people hav any weapons at all." (It may not be exact, as I don't remember it word for word, but he did express this. He's still a scumbag for harboring such thoughts, though.)

Jay.Mac said...

Waxman is a real piece of work- he also tried to have a cameraman thrown out of a subcommittee hearing because he thought he was filming on behalf of the NRA- even after the cameraman was able to provide his press pass. Other Democrats also complained that he might an NRA cameraman.

Freedom of speech, huh?