Thursday, March 15, 2007

With Neighbours Like These

As the "peace" process stumbles on it's important to note that one factor which it brings along with it is increased interference from Ireland in the politics of the North. For those who aren't aware Ireland and Northern Ireland are two distinct and separate countries. We in the North are British, part of the United Kingdom- and yet our own government believes it is a good idea to have a foreign country poke around in our affairs. "Co-operation" I believe they call it.

Well, Bertie Ahern has made his intentions clear-

Bertie Ahern, the Irish prime minister, has issued a powerful declaration that he still remains "deeply committed" to a united Ireland.

As Tony Blair intensified his efforts to secure a power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland - in an executive that unionists hope will strengthen their position within the United Kingdom - Mr Ahern made it clear he had not abandoned his republican roots. "I am personally deeply committed to a united Ireland and I make no secret of that fact," the taoiseach told the Guardian in an interview on the final day of our series on the peace process.

Not altogether surprising given his family connections to the IRA.

It should be noted too that the Irish constitution still makes claims on the North. I guess this must be a first- Blair's government seems to be quite happy to not only appease violent, murderous terrorists and usher them into power over the very people they terrorised for decades, but they're also willing to allow a foreign power a voice in our internal affairs.

All part of Blair's "legacy"- nevermind that he's selling out a whole country to do it.

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Bag said...

It will be interesting to compare his give away of Israeli land with his give away on NI.

Sadly I feel this is one of the few things he would consider an acceptable price.