Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Groping and Biting

It seems that there is a limit to the behaviour that the Only Ones can engage in without being taken to task.

AN UNDERCOVER officer who bragged about being “like 007” grabbed a barmaid’s boobs at a strip club.

Boozed-up agent Dominic Headley, 32, also sank his teeth into an off-duty cop’s chest.

Headley, who works for the Serious Organised Crime Agency, spent the night drinking and eyeing up naked girls. He bragged about his undercover role, saying: “I’m a bit like James Bond, 007.”

But he lost his rag when staff at The Queen Anne in Vauxhall, south London, put his bag behind the bar.

He stormed the serving area — grabbing and holding on to terrified barmaid Tina Courtney’s breasts. When an off-duty cop came over to calm Headley he tried to bite a chunk out of his chest and drew blood.

Earlier, Headley — whose work involves tracking down Britain’s biggest gangsters — tried to start a fight with customers over a game of pool.

Headley admitted assault at Inner London Crown Court and was fined £750. He faces a disciplinary investigation and is likely to be sacked.

Let's hope so. I must say though that some of his "only ones" mojo must be working- I seriously doubt that if a civilian had bitten and drawn blood from an off-duty cop and assaulted a barmaid that they would have merely be fined.


Anonymous said...

Good point made by a sensible person, never believe what u read in the Sun paper.First of all why did there happen 2 be an off duty cop in this strip club, and I happen to know this bar this women is the bouncer and manager not a barmaid. Load of bull if you ask me

Anonymous said...

This person was not an agent but a member of civilian staff at SOCA who has been causing similar incidents for many years in pubs in and out of the Vauxhall area. The nearest he got to being 007 is hiring the films!