Monday, March 19, 2007

Oppressing Women

Come on liberals, you champions of freedom and women's equality, speak out about this-

In another regional case, the judges had to decide whether a class excursion was mandatory for a Muslim girl. In their ruling of 2002, they parroted the language of a fatwa issued two years previously. The former chairman of the Islamic Religious Community in Hesse had stipulated that a Muslim woman not accompanied by a mahram, a male blood relative, must not stray more than 50 miles from her home - because this is the distance a caravan of camels can travel in 24 hours.

Camels are something of an anomaly on the German autobahn these days. Sympathetic judges nonetheless recommended sending the 15-year-old brother along as a mahram. Given her fear of losing her headscarf or violating other religious laws, the schoolgirl’s condition, they argued, was comparable to that of a “partially mentally handicapped person.” She therefore needed somebody to accompany her; otherwise, she should not be forced to take part in the trip, they reasoned.

Let me just recap for you- a Muslim girl was equated to a mentally handicapped person simply because of her gender- and her religion; she was considered unfit to go on a school trip without being accompanied by a male relative. And this was the conclusion made by a secular German court in thrall to political correctness.

Where are the feminists and liberals on issues like this?

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