Monday, March 12, 2007

Snyder Speaks

I was already sold on the movie 300 when it was announced- an amazing story and a Frank Miller interpretation. All good. Then Zach Snyder came on board- and he'd proved himself with the Dawn of the Dead remake. Even more good. Now it's getting better and better as liberal heads explode at the thought of a mainstream and positive film about brave soldiers defending freedom. Double plus good.

Thanks to HotAir for this quote from Snyder-

''I was getting bombarded with political questions,'' says Snyder. Some Europeans saw Leonidas' lone-wolf march against the Persians as an allegorical defense of President Bush's incursion into Iraq. ''When someone in a movie says, 'We're going to fight for freedom,' that's now a dirty word,'' says Snyder. ''Europeans totally feel that way. If you mention democracy or freedom, you're an imperialist or a fascist. That's crazy to me.''

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