Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I know of Kirsten Powers only from her appearances at Hot Air- and I occasionally pop over to her blog to have a read; I one wrote a request for a left-wing blog that was free of the hate and bile and paranoid delusions that characterises the modern-day online liberal. Powers' blog fits that bill nicely. Or rather it partly does- as well as the reasonable and polite Powers (with whom I disagree on a lot of things) there's another poster there, Ambitious Heckler. He seems to be posting more often lately and his tone is grating indeed. Here are some examples from the past month or so.

-Driving away the deservedly reviled Cheney might bring the whole country together. Busting him for all the deceit that accompanied the Iraq war would be a message-reinforcing snap, will actually provide some accountability, and could deprive Bush of his evil sitter.

-Cheney is the creepy culmination of a 50-year Republican effort to degrade the vice presidency, with a steady stream of crooks, hatchet men and goofballs.

-The rest of the Dems' '04 field was meh, and Kerry seemed the perfect contrast to the retarded figurehead the Reps were running for "re-election," so I was happy to sign on.

-The planet will not recover from these eight wasted Bush years, and no one was more empowered to prevent the disaster than John Kerry and Al Gore.

- [speaking about Al Gore] Three distinct, but equally annoying (and contrived) personalities caused him to lose three debates, and the election, to the Village Idiot.

-Since WWII, we've had Richard Nixon, a hatchet man as VP who later resigned the presidency in disgrace, the aforementioned "Spiggy" Agnew, who likewise resigned as part of a bribery plea bargain, George "Battling The Wimp Factor" Bush, Dan "Potatoe" Quayle -- any one of whom would still be preferable to the demented fiend who currently holds the job. The only two decent Republican VPs, Ford and Rockefeller, were never elected. Degrading the Vice Presidency -- a signal achievement of the Republican Party.

-the current president's squeaky-clean brain having been long ago boozily scrubbed of all logic and syntax.

It's not the kind of thing I ever expected to find on Powers' blog and it seems entirely at odds with the tone of her own work. Disappointing.


Anonymous said...

I agree that there is too much ranting and bile coming out of blogs and editorials these days, but to claim it is unique or even mainly liberal bloggers is just plain wrong. I think both liberal and conservative blogs (and commenters) are guilty. Further I think it hurts the cause of fostering a more polite, reasoned debate for either side to point dirty fingers at the other.

I don't really think it is entirely wrong for either side to make the occaisional (hopefully) witty barb, but only as an aside to real argument. It is the use of invective and abusive attacks in place of argument that is both wrong and harmful.

Jay.Mac said...

I don't claim that it's unique to liberal blogs but I do think it's mainly liberals who spew this sort of vitriol. Maybe I read different right wing blogs than you but none of them use the sort of language that I see used by the left.

Just look at the material Michelle Malkin deals with-