Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Counting Knives

Here we go again- first it was alarm over Britain's gun culture and now a teenager has been stabbed, time to have a go at knife culture.

The Home Secretary admitted yesterday that the Government does not know enough about the scale of knife violence and ordered police forces to start collecting statistics on the use of knives in crime.

Mr Reid told the Commons that from next month, data on "serious or violent" offences involving knives would be recorded separately to give a "more detailed understanding of the prevalence of the problem". Currently, few forces follow Scotland Yard in separately recording "knife-enabled" crime.

Of course, what we need are statistics- that will help cut crime! I've been so foolish all this time thinking that what we needed to do was put the police back on the beat and actually lock violent criminals away in prison for significant periods of time. I stand corrected.

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