Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vacant Property

The Only Ones spring into action again using a home that they thought was empty for a training exercise.

They kicked in the door. They busted up the door jam," Allen told KMBC's Maria Antonia. "I want them to stop using people's property as a training tool."

Police said they sometimes use vacant homes for training purposes. Officers said they look for places typical of what they're likely to find in the field.

Capt. Rich Lockhart said that police thought the home at 2845 Park Ave. was vacant when they arrived in January and the owner was not inside.

"What we do know is officers did train in this house. They believed it was a vacant house, went in and did some training," Lockhart said.

Allen said he bought the house a few months ago and is starting to refurbish it. He said he did not give anyone permission to use it.

"I've talked to the previous owner of this house, and he told me they asked him for permission a few months ago and he told them no," Allen said.

So the police were turned down and then went to the property anyway when they thought that the owner who had said 'no' to them had moved out. Sure sounds like a rigorous procedure that enshrines respect for private property to me.

Police said they will investigate the incident if Allen files a claim.

"Basically, a letter outlining what he believes we did to the home, include pictures if he can. We'll look at it talk to officers involved, conduct an investigation, figure out what happened," Lockhart said.

A claim is being filed- it seems pretty obvious what happened; they used private property that did not belong to them without seeking the owner's permission. Evidently without even trying to establish if anyone did own the house.

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KCSteve said...

I saw this on the news last night. We've got some really good cops in Kansas City.

Unfortunately we've also got bozos like this.

I was amazed that they'd even think they could just arbitrarily pick a place for training. Apparently they ran out of training funds before they got to esoteric subjects like the 4th Amendment.