Friday, March 02, 2007

Bamboo Bicycle

This is just too cool.
Light bicycles are made of aluminum, one of the most resource-demanding materials in existence. Flavio Deslandes, a Brazilian industrial designer at the PUC-Rio University, has designed a bicycle made, essentially, of grass – specifically, bamboo. Deslandes admits that there is still steel in his bamboo bicycles. However, he makes sure that the steel serves the bamboo, as opposed to the other way around. He uses bamboo in its natural form in constructing the bicycle, and is quick to point out that bending, drilling, or using nails or screws to hold the pieces together will only weaken the structure. Instead, he fits the parts together precisely, using glue to secure them. His wheels are 100% bamboo, the rims are made with laminated bamboo and the spokes are straight bamboo sticks. His next project is converting the pedals and pedal arms from steel and metal to all bamboo.

As the parts are all hand fitted these bikes aren't cheap- $2500 to $3000- but they certainly are amazing.

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