Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chavez At Work

Surprise, surprise.

During an event held Wednesday to grant pensions on new beneficiaries of the Venezuelan Welfare Institute (IVSS), President Hugo Chávez threatened to nationalize wholesalers and major food vendors.

"Down there in the barrio, you should denounce any grocery store which sells meat above the set price. Then, we will take control of it. We will give it to the community council in order to manage it, because I am certain that it will not steal its own community.

"The bigger you are, the more you have to take care of Chávez. If there is need to take over and nationalize you, just wait for some hours until the law is enacted and released in the Official Gazette. I will keep a watchful eye then. Give me the first excuse to nationalize the first warehouse, the first large outlet and make it available for the people," Chávez boasted.

How long before he decides to remain in power beyond his current term?


David Codrea said...

I thought he'd already removed the term limits setting the stage for being president for life.

Let him. The way he's screwing up the economy, which is a train wreck waiting to happen, and terorizing people who have the education to know the difference and the means to bring in hired guns, that life may end up being mercifully short.

Jay.Mac said...

He doesn't seem to have yet- he's already got his powers by decree and he's stated that he wants to hold a referendum on extending his term to 25 years. I haven't heard anything more recent than that though.

sayen said...