Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ice Age

Global warming? Well, the UN seems to think that they've laid the question to rest- and that man is to blame for it.

Heh. No sooner do they release the summary of said report (the actual science being kept back so they can tweak the figures to match their agenda) than we hear of this news. Hat tip to Clayton Cramer.

"Iceland’s ancient enemy” (Landsins forni fjandi), or pack ice, has returned. The fjord of Dýrafjördur is almost blocked by ice, and inhabitants say they have never seen anything like it.

“This is a very impressive sight,” Helgi Árnason, farmer at Alvidra in Dýrafjördur, told Fréttabladid. “I have lived here my whole life, but I have never seen so much pack ice before. Forty years ago large ice bergs drifted onto beaches [in Dýrafjördur], but it was nothing compared to this.”

So much for the poles melting and drowning coastal areas. Looks like it's time to sell those shares in sun tan lotion companies and start buying up stocks in insulation manufacturers.

Global warming cooling climate change, the scourge of modern times.

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