Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Iraqi Terrorist

A man sentenced to death in Kuwait for the 1983 bombings of the U.S. and French embassies now sits in Iraq's parliament as a member of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's ruling coalition, according to U.S. military intelligence.

A Kuwaiti court sentenced Jamal Jafaar Mohammed to death in 1984 in the car bombings of the U.S. and French embassies the previous December. Five people died in the attacks and 86 were wounded.

Maliki is asking the US to provide more information- because at the moment the man's position in parliament means that he is immune from prosecution. What the hell sort of stupid rule is that? Answer- one that politicians created to protect themselves. I'm surprised that Western politicians haven't tried the same thing yet.

Anyway, Maliki is putting the blame for nothing having been done yet on the Iraqi parliament, but could it possibly have anything to do with this-

Al-Maliki's political party, Dawa, claimed responsibility for the Kuwait bombings at the time but now disavows them. The Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim party was forced into exile under former dictator Saddam Hussein, who was executed in December.

Which is a fact I was unaware of until now. And note too that Maliki is opposed to the US using Iraq to launch attacks against his buddies in Iran.

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