Saturday, February 24, 2007

Failing Strategy

Amazing- gun crime is rising (despite the ban already in place) and Blair's government needs to be seen to be doing something. Anything. How else do you explain this desperate act-

And yesterday Dr Reid announced a gun-crime summit on Thursday to tackle the problem. He also said a ban on the manufacture of replica guns - due later this year - may be brought forward.

Why of course- real guns are being used by criminals to kill people so why not ban replica guns! Genius- how it can it possibly fail to stop criminals using illegal guns to commit crimes? I mean, the ban on real handguns has worked so well.

And note too that the proposal to actually imprison gun-carrying criminals is being met with fear-

GANGSTERS will increasingly open fire on police if gun-crime sentences are beefed up, experts have warned the Home Office.

They fear Wild West-style shoot-outs will break out because cornered offenders will not want years in jail for possessing a weapon.

"Longer sentences might bring about counter-productive outcomes. Offenders could try to shoot their way out, if challenged by the police."

The report - written by gun-crime experts - comes as police step up armed patrols on Britain's streets, following a series of teenage shootings.

Yep, that's certainly the way to deal with violent criminals- back off because they might want to shoot at the police. Nevermind the unarmed citizenry of Britain who will be the victims of armed criminals- we can't place the armed police in danger now can we?


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Anonymous said...

Every householder should be allowed to own one shotgun to be used against any intruder without a proper warrant to enter one's premises!