Thursday, February 08, 2007

Law And Disorder

Time to go read Kim du Toit- in a nutshell the story is about how, 40 years ago a couple of street cops, with help from armed citizens, helped to put down the the clock tower sniper. Fast forward to now- and things have gotten much worse.

Now, go read Nanny Knows Best. A thug spat on a customer at a shop and broke a window- a citizens arrest was made and the police contacted; the people who made the arrest were charged with kidnapping and the thug got off.

Britain today. What an absolute mess.

What caught my attention was one of the comments on the story. A man saw a police officer being attacked by several thugs and went to his aid.

Some weeks later, another bobby came to see me; thanked me on behalf of his mate and then cautioned me before telling me that I was going to be charged with assaulting the b*****d who was trying to kill his mate.

The charges were dropped- but only because the thug in question made a deal to help himself.

Needless to say, I now look the other way if ANYTHING happens on the street.

And that's the problem- people in the UK know that if they do anything to defend themselves or defend others, they will be the ones facing a visit from the police and a trip to the courthouse. It's absolute insanity- the law does not serve the people any longer. My father in law was involved in a similar incident some years ago when he stepped in to save a police officer from a serious assault- he was not only got a write up in the police magazine but was presented with an award for bravery.

Times certainly have changed- for the worse.

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