Friday, February 16, 2007

Defeating America From Within

The traitor Murtha has revealed his real intent-

Democrats are challenging President Bush's power to wage war, contending they've found a way to block a troop increase in Iraq and prevent any pre-emptive invasion of Iran.

"This country needs a dramatic change of course in Iraq and it is the responsibility of this Congress to consummate that change," said Rep. John Murtha, who chairs the House panel that oversees military spending.

Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, is preparing legislation that would set strict conditions on combat deployments, including a year rest between combat tours. Ultimately, the congressman says, his measure would make it impossible for Bush to maintain his planned deployment of a total of about 160,000 troops for months on end.

Murtha's proposal also might block the funding of military operations inside Iran -- a measure intended to send a signal to Bush that he will need Congress' blessing if he is planning another war.

"The president could veto it, but then he wouldn't have any money," Murtha told an anti-war group in an interview broadcast on

Prevent pre-emptive war against Iran? That seems to mean that they will only authorise war with Iran after Iran has attacked first. Given that they are rushing towards obtaining nuclear weapons- and already have the cruise missiles to launch them- that seems to be the most preposterous, dangerous thing I've ever heard. Not only do these politicians want to see America's armed forces defeated, they are also gambling with thousands of innocent lives into the bargain. We've already seen the evidence that Iran is funding, training and equipping terrorists in Iraq who kill American soldiers- but that's not enough for the modern-day Democrat. Will they be convinced there's a need to go to war after Israel is attacked by a nuclear missile? When American forces in the Gulf are targeted? Or when an Iranian nuke is detonated in an American city?

Shameful, despicable posturing with no regard for national security. And yet Murtha is so upfront about it- preventing the American armed forces from remaining funded and manned in a time of war. How many will die because of Democrat's desperate need to oppose Bush?

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