Thursday, February 08, 2007

French Survival Kit

Gary Reeder's latest Gun Notes covers some of the items on display at the 2007 Shot Show, including a colour coordinated Smith and Wesson kit, intended for anti-bear use. Another kit is also available for more mundane emergencies. He goes on to add,

Several distributors are introducing survival packages. Some have a 22 LR pistol, a police type shotgun, ammo, first aid kit and a lot more. I wonder if the shotgun stocks matches the color of the case? One of these survival packages is made in France. It includes a shotgun with no ammo, a white surrender flag and knee pads. The shotgun comes with a rubber coating so when you throw it down and surrender it won't get scratched.

Gotta laugh!

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Bag said...

Defend your family, your close friends and children and leave the others to the tender mercies of those they voted to look after them.

It's not worth the risk.