Monday, February 26, 2007

Lying or Ignorant?

Yet again another instance of an elected politician, Darrell Issa (R) California this time, speaking either a deliberate lie or demonstrating his own colossal ignorance of the topic at hand.

"If you go to the Palestinian territories for over a thousand years Christians and Muslims have lived side by side, their churches and mosques are next to each other, so we can talk about radical Islam but you see no evidence of it there."

Yep, you see no evidence of radical Islam in the Palestinian Territories- so we were all probably imagining radical Islamic terrorist groups like, oh say, Islamic Jihad or Hamas (AKA Islamic Resistance Movement), or the al-aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

To her credit Ayaan Hirsi Ali doesn't stand for his nonsense, pointing out to him the dhimmi status of Christians there. It would have been nice though if someone had also told Issa that there are plenty of radical Islamic terrorists there too- the fact that their ire is currently directed at the Jews of Israel is really not the point.


Anonymous said...

Does Issa live under a rock? This is scarey!!!

FrauBudgie, posting under anonymous,because Blogger/Google hates me!

Anonymous said...

We need Ayaan and other ex-muslims to speak out as otherwise the PC brigade will accuse us of racism and drown out our voice!