Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Disconnected From Reality

LGF reports on complaints by the Muslim Student Association of UC Davis about a speech to be given by Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist. Here's a little bit about him-

As a young man, he became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel, and was later imprisoned in the Russian Compound, Jerusalem's central prison for incitement and violence against Israel.

After his release, he continued his life of violence and rioting in Bethlehem and the Temple Mount. After entering the U.S, he worked as a counselor for the Arab Student Organization at Loop College in Chicago and continued his anti-Israel activities.

In 1993, Walid studied the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam. Six months later, after intense study, Walid realized that everything he had been taught about Jews was a lie. Convinced he was on the side of evil, he became an advocate for his former enemy.

Here's why the MSA is complaining about his attendance at the college-

We are concerned that a self-confessed ‘ex-terrorist’ is walking freely in the country, simply because he has converted to Christianity and supports this country’s policies towards Israel. We call upon the FBI and DHW to investigate the claims regarding Shoebat’s violent past and to see whether he disclosed this information when applying for his citizenship.

We also condemn the intentionally Islamophobic and erroneous association of Islam and violence that will result from the fear-mongering employed in the event’s advertisements. We ask fellow students and community members to study the facts about Islam and reject hate-speech and propaganda.”

Now, what's interesting about this is the complete disconnect from reality and logic displayed by these students. Quite what they are teaching them there I don't know. First of all they accuse that his "walking freely" in America is because of his conversion from Islam to Christianity and demand that his violent past (while he was a Muslim) be investigated. And yet in the next paragraph they speak about the "erroneous" association of Islam and violence caused by his presence.

So they admit that while a Muslim he committed violent acts, but criticise as false any association between the two. It'll be interesting to see how the event goes, particularly in light of this.

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