Friday, February 09, 2007

Jungle-Brake Carbine

I've written before about my regard for the Enfield carbine (and it's more modern variant the Russian Enfield- one converted to fire 7.62mm Russian, and sometimes to also take AK-47 magazines). The major drawback to the Jungle Carbine is the recoil. It's supposed to kick like a mule, hence the concept of the same rifle with its fast bolt action coupled with a deer-capable and cheap cartridge.

I'm beginning to wonder what the original .303 version would be like to shoot with a modern muzzle brake in place of the cone flash suppressor? I don't want to go around promoting "bubba-ing" collectable military rifles but there are modern made Enfields around. I was thinking that something like this brake from Smith Enterprise, intended for the M14 rifle, might do the job. According to the specs the 14 gas ports reduce felt recoil by 25-35% and reduce muzzle climb by 100% over the M14's flash suppressor (there's a video of the brake in action on a full-auto M14 at the SE site). A similar job on a Jungle Carbine might make it a much more enjoyable shooter.

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Anonymous said...

I recently added a thread on AK 74 muzzle brake from Brownells to my ishapore enfield 308 1966. Recoil down by 75%, muzzle rise by 100, ie none.
There is a flash hider for jungle carbines with anti muzzle rise slots in the topside, I shot it and it works a treat, just doesn't remove the shotgun like recoil, cheers