Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cheering The Enemy

It's gone way past the time to question their patriotism- who would have thought in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 that a portion of the leftist/liberal set would be openly proclaiming their disappointment that the Vice-President of the United States of America escaped unharmed from an assassination attempt by Islamic terrorists?

Under the heading of "Cheney Unharmed" these are some of the comments-

Yet more proof that prayer does not work.

Aww, too bad.

I am sorry for the others, it's a tragic thing. But there's another tragedy, and that's that they missed.

That was close. But not close enough.

Having Cheney die today would have been one of those rare and delightful cases where a problem resolves itself. Alas.

The Bush Administration is funnelling money to Al Qaeda and I'm rooting for the Taliban to get Cheney.

He needs to be felled by a heart attack. If he'd been taken out by brown people, the loyal GOP would have turned him into a martyr and flattened most of the area with tactical nukes.

There are some who object to this- but among them a proportion are opposed to the assassination attempt only because it might garner support for the war. Some though were plain appalled by the rhetoric on display- their comments were generally greeted by sentiments like this:

-Have we really gotten to the point in this country since 9/11 when the Vice President was targeted for death by a terrorist attack by the people who perpetrated it--- Real, Honest-To-God, Enemies of America and we aren't sure who to root for?

-In short, yes. Wrongheaded, but yes. But, remember, you don't have to be a foreigner to be an enemy of America.

Michelle Malkin has more.


Alicia said...

While I am not relieved our Vice President didn't perrish in the attempted assassination, I will be relieved when he and his boss are removed from the White House come January of '09.

Bag said...

It's a funny world isn't it.

The best bit is you can love the US and think it is one of the best countries in the world yet still hate Bush and Cheney. Although for some reason I have no interest in the guy at all. If he died in Iraq by a suicide bomber, car bomb or bullet I would just find it ironic.

It's the beauty of natural justice. It's not often in this modern world where the people that make the decisions that lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths get to pay the price for that decision.

I do think it is funny that most people would not wish harm on any other human being but would be happy if a politician bought it. It must be the way politicians are thought of lately I'm sure it was never like that prior to Blair getting in. Can't speak for the US.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm relieved Cheney wasn't blown to bits, but it's tragic that others had to die because of the latest Islamofascist nuttiness.

Oh, well. They keep blowing up each other, mostly -- and liberals continue to blame Bush. Ah, if only we had a Democrat in office ...

I think the "natural justice" is that Cheney lived.

Bag -- while you're loving the US and hating Bush -- remember, more than half of US voted for him last go around. And, we have our reasons.

FrauBudgie, posting under "Anonymous" because Blogger still hates me ...

Bag said...

Anon,What does that mean? Let's face it I don't need to like everybody. Blair is way higher up my hate list than Bush is. Doesn't mean much that 'half' voted for him although that's not what I understand. The US have more in common with the UK than just a shared language. They don't really have many choices for who to vote for. Both of them are pretty useless but at least you have a difference which you can weigh up and vote for. In fact I probably would have voted for Bush myself if I was in the US. I think the other lot are worse overall than this lot. The term limits could save the republicans as many who do hate Bush will be able to vote for their fav party again.

Confusing isn't it.