Monday, February 05, 2007

Theocracy Alert

Okay, Libs, have at it- a very real example of a religious, totalitarian nightmare in action; 20 foreigners have been arrested in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to prison and being whipped for the "crime" of having a party. Yep, while you spin into fits of rage over the imagined Christian leanings of the Republican leadership, an actual theocracy is fully functioning. Imagine, drinking and men and women dancing together is illegal, a criminal act punished by being lashed and locked up for months.

The kingdom's religious police arrested 433 foreigners, including more than 240 women, for attending the "impudent" party in Jiddah, the state-guided newspaper Okaz reported. It did not identify the foreigners, give their nationalities or say when the party took place.

Judge Saud al-Boushi sentenced the 20 to three to four month in prison and ordered them to receive an unspecified number of lashes.

So come on Leftists/Liberals- can we hear a bit of outrage about the lunatic rules of an Islamic country? Or do you save all your bile for the imaginary Christian theocracy you think is being created in the USA?

Can someone please explain to me again why liberals have sided with the Islamists? Because it really doesn't make the slightest bit of sense to me.

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hairy hobbit said...

the liberals have sided in order to get some tips on how to deal with those they disagree with?

They've already chosen global warming as their religion, now they're sucking up for pointers on the appropriate punishments, then all that's left is to come up with the crimes.