Friday, February 23, 2007

Jurassic Park?

First it was the discovery of soft tissue in fossils- now we have a 25million year old frog found preserved in amber. And you just know what the boffins want to do.

The block of amber, or fossilized tree resin, encasing the 0.4-inch (1-centimeter) frog was unearthed in 2005 and sold to a private collector, according to the Associated Press (AP). The collector then lent the piece to scientists.

The frog's age has yet to be authenticated. But it was recovered from earthen deposits dating back 25 million years to the Oligocene epoch, Carbot told the AP.

Now Carbot hopes to make the plot of Jurassic Park a reality by drilling a small hole into the amber and attempting to extract DNA from the encased animal.

But "I don't think [the stone's owner] will allow it," Carbot told the AP, "because it's a very rare, unique piece."

If he has any sense he'll let them try. For goodness sake, start searching for mosquitoes in amber quick!

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