Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guiliani On Guns

Yes, he did a sterling job in New York after 9/11 but just look at this video. Has Guiliani ever actually read the Bill of Rights? All the Dems have to do is run this ad on TV a few times and every right thinking gun owner will cast their vote for someone else- or stay at home on election day.

I can't believe that he's being lauded as a frontrunner for 2008. Makes me wonder if the Republicans (I use the term loosely in Guiliani's case) actually learned anything from their recent election defeat. Hat tip to Blogonomicon.


DirtCrashr said...

I can't believe it either, if they insist on running him I'm gonna be pissed - back in '97 he said, "We need a federal law that bans all assault weapons..." - isn't that just wonderful?

Jay.Mac said...

It's unbelievable- and it's a sign of the problem that we currently face in the UK; no major political party even wants to come close to being pro-gun. The Republicans are, as with so many other issues, ignoring what their voters want- it seems that they think they can win elections by appealing to Democrat voters on issues like gun control, immigration, etc.

The succession of gun control laws has, in less than a century, eradicated any voice that gun owners had in the UK. I'm sure that to even voice in public that civilians should be armed to defend themselves or their homes would have you branded some sort of "Rambo lunatic" here.

The very BIG problem that America faces now is only a few years of anti-gun control in Congress, the Senate or the White House- once those laws are on the books it makes it easier for the next raft of legislation to come through- and so many more times harder for them to be rolled back.

I really do think we're at a crossroads here- the hoplophobes have to be fought off now because to let it slide for even a few years more could be disastrous. And the damage irreparable.

DirtCrashr said...

I'm agreement with that, but if just one country could roll-back their registration and control-laws and admit failure, like if the Canadians ended their money-wasting disaster or the Australians, that would be such excellent news and set a precedent.