Saturday, June 10, 2006

Act of War?

So Hamas has called off the truce which is was "largely abiding by". Since then they have launched rocket and mortar attacks on Israel.

The Islamic militant group claimed responsibility for at least 15 of the rockets fired after midnight, as well as a barrage of mortar bombs. The attacks caused no casualties, and the Israeli army said nearly all of them appeared to land inside Gaza.

They have also threatened further violence-

"The earthquake in the Zionist towns will start again and the aggressors will have no choice but to prepare their coffins or their luggage," the Hamas militants terrorists said in a leaflet. "The resistance groups ... will choose the proper place and time for the tough, strong and unique response."

Maybe it's just me but when the elected government says and does things like this, isn't that like starting a war?

UPDATE - It seems that the beach explosion which was blamed on the Iaraelis may not actually have been committed by them afterall-

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday that the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach Friday could have been down to "internal Palestinian causes," rather than by Israel Defense Forces artillery fire.

IDF figures show that six shells were fired in the direction of open fields in the northern Gaza Strip near the time of the explosions. The six shells, however, landed hundreds of meters from the site of the blast.

An investigation is being conducted- and the PA is refusing to cooperate.

UPDATE 2 - Looks like it wasn't an Israeli shell afterall. Forensic tests of shrapnel removed from the victims reveals that it didn't come from Israeli munitions. More here.

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