Monday, June 19, 2006

Sinking Fast

I had to ask, didn't I?

The chairman of the British Commission for Racial Equality is in favor of “positive discrimination” to increase the number of Muslims in the police force


EVER WONDERED what our schools are teaching children about terrorism? To judge by some of the material in an education pack being used in my London borough, the questions might include: could al-Qaeda poison your burger? Did the American Government stage the September 11 attacks? And what lessons for the Middle East can you learn from arguing with your mum?

When the Walthamstow Guardian asked if the 9/11 attacks should be used as a teaching tool, one educationist said the pack was not about “preaching” to children, but about providing “impartial and unbiased information” and “letting them make sense of it”.

That would be information such as: “The terrorists had shown that, despite America’s size and military power, careful planning and complete faith could defeat them.

And a brace of posts from Smallest Minority-

Pupils have been banned from throwing paper planes to one another - in case they get injured.


Bereaved families could have the homes of dead relatives seized under new laws that allow the state to commandeer empty properties.

Local councils will be able to take control of inherited homes if they are left vacant for more than six months.

UPDATE- And how could I miss this one too, the feather in the cap of all of the above.

A MAN accused of holding racist banners that called for a terrorist attack has had charges against him dropped.

Omar Zaheer was arrested over a protest in February in London against newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, but the Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday that there was insufficient evidence for the case to proceed.

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