Saturday, June 10, 2006

Forced Marriage

A law banning forced marriages in Britain has been dropped "in the face of a backlash from Britain's Muslim community."

It seems that Labour's current policy stance is taken from the Neville Chamberlain School of Appeasement.

Ministers have admitted they feared a new law would be 'resented as an intrusion into minority cultures and religions.'

It is thought that thousands of women are subjected to forced marriage every year.

Head of Policy and Public Affairs (for the NSPCC) Diana Sutton said: 'The coercion involved in forced marriage is abusive and a violation of children’s human rights.

'We know that forced marriage can have serious harmful consequences for children including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, kidnap, rape and self harm.

'In the most tragic cases it can result in murder and suicide. In the longer term, many women forced in to marriage suffer domestic violence, whose impact on children is now widely documented.'

Gosh, that's awful but not quite so terrible in the eyes of our Labour government as stigmatizing a minority community- can't have them feeling bad about something like that can we?

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