Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Somalia In For Trouble?

Remember that era of golden peace that Monster and Critics, courtesy of UPI, said was going to emerge? Well, not so fast kiddo.

Somalia's parliament on Wednesday approved deployment of foreign peacekeepers to the anarchic nation, a move opposed by newly powerful Islamist militias controlling Mogadishu, the parliament speaker said.

"Opposed" is one way of putting it. Their actual stance on the matter is more like this-

"We will fight fiercely to the death any intervention force that arrives in Somalia."

That comes from Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, a senior member of the Islamic Courts, who said that "it would be the religious duty of all Somalis to fight any peacekeeping force."

Remember too that the leader of the Courts also has this to say,
"Until we get the Islamic state, we will continue with the Islamic struggle in Somalia."

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